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Asif was a young Indian boy who was living in a very run down town in England, he was staying with his gran for a couple of months because his mum had had to go back to India on business, Asif was on his way home from school one and was taking a short cut through a derelict factory when he saw Jane who at sixteen years of age was four years older that what he was, Asif knew that Jane was a girl who had a reputation for being a tough girl who was often involved in trouble of one type or another, he also knew that Jane was a very good fighter and that lots of people were scared of her, Asif was surprised but happy to see that Jane had her blouse wide open with a blue bra covering her ample boobs, he thought pity she is not supporting ban the bra campaign as that would be an even better sight, When Jane started to walk towards him Asif got slightly nervous fearing that Jane was going to hit him and got ready to run if she started to shout at him which he knew was the first sign of her getting violent, when Jane was just a few feet away from Asif she said ” hiya titch what you doing ” this made Asif think she is in a good mood and he relaxed again, Asif told Jane that he was just hanging out, as he did he kept glancing towards Jane’s boobs, when Jane said to him ” are trying to see my tits ” Asif just smiled, then to Asif’s total surprise Jane reached up and unclipped the front of her bra letting her boobs fall free as she did Dawn said ” it is no good straining your eyes have a clear view of my tits ” Asif stood looking at Jane’s naked boobs which was the first white boobs that he had ever seen, then when Jane said ” are you trying to look up my skirt and see my cunt as well ” Asif nodded his head saying yes I am , then watched as Jane took hold of the hem of her tight skirt and pulled it right up, Asif saw that Jane was not wearing any panties and stood looking at her naked hairless love tube, Jane turned round giving Asif a clear view of her naked bum then walked away from Asif and went into a small room, Asif waited a couple of minutes then followed Jane to the room where he saw her laying naked on an old bench, Asif walked over to the bench once there he reached out and placed his hands on her boobs when Jane did not push him away Asif started to rub Jane’s boobs then after a couple of minutes slid his hand down between Jane’s legs and started to rub her moist love tube and started to lick her nipples at the same time, after a few minutes Asif hear someone say ” fuck off you little cunt she is ours ” looked behind him and saw his cousin who was two years younger than Jane was and two of his mates, Asif saw that all of the boys had their trousers open with their erect dicks out, Asif quickly let the room, outside Asif looked through a window and saw that Jane was now laying on her side sucking his cousin’s dick while one of his mates was thrusting in and out of her bum and the other thrusting in and out of her love tube, after watching for a couple of minutes Asif walked away as he did he thought lucky sods I wish I had a bigger dick I would soon have her as well I will be her tomorrow I might get real lucky and have Jane suck my dick for me which would be real good.

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