Delivery Boy Spanked Part 1

Steve was a sixteen year old boy who was well known for being very violent, nobody would argue with him as they knew that if they did they were sure to get beat up. Steve did a part time job working in a warehouse that was owned by n Indian family. Steve was working one night when he was told to take a parcel to a small Indian grocery shop, he was told that the shop would be closed but to go to the rear door there was somebody waiting in the shop for him, Steve learnt that the delivery van had broken down, Steve set off on the journey to the shop not very happy at having to walk there in the cold. Steve thought the person waiting for him was probably Pia who was four years younger than what he was and a cheeky cow who needed to be taught a lesson. After arriving at the shop Steve went to the back and banged on the door after a few minutes when there was no reply Steve banged on the door again, after banging a third time the door was opened by Pia, Steve pushed past Pia into the shop, as he went he said ” you took your time opening the fucking door ” as Pia closed the door she told Steve no swearing, Steve spun looked at Pia and said to her ” I will fucking swear if I want to now shut our gob and sign the pad before I give you a slap you bitch ” unbeknown to Steve Pia was a junior black karate champion but when Pia landed a kick to his jaw sending him flying backwards Steve realised that Pia was a fighter, Steve grabbed a piece of wood which he swung at Pia but missed and received another kick to his jaw, Steve lay on the floor dazed, he heard Pia say ” there is only one way to deal with thugs like you ” then felt her grab his collar and pull him to his feet, Steve was very dazed but him self being dragged over a table he then felt Pia grab the top of his joggers and along with his boxers pull them down round his ankles then felt a hard slap on his bare bum which made him flinch he then felt more slaps landing on his bum and soon felt his bum stinging, slap after slap landed on Steve’s bare bum, the haziness that Steve was feeling cleared, Steve was now in his right senses again and stood up then tried to move back but the way his joggers were round his ankles caused him to fall flat on his back, , Pia had a clear view of Steve’s seven inch hairy dick and smiled then said ” oh look Steve’s dick ” Steve reached forward to pull his joggers up but Pia put her foot on his chest and forced him back on the floor the moved her foot to his forehead put pressure on it and said to Steve ” do one ” Steve looked at Pia and said ” what ” Pia told him to jerk off, Steve said ” I am not wanking in front of you ” Pia moved her foot kicked Steve in the ribs then quickly placed her foot back on his forehead and said ” do one ” Steve started to rub his dick which soon grew to a nine inch erection, Pia smiled said ” nice dick now do it ” Steve started to jerk his dick while Pia watched him then after five minutes he squirted his cum in four spurts, Pia said ” cool ” and moved back from Steve who got up and very quickly pulled his joggers up, Pia signed Steve’s pad and he left as he walked down the road Steve thought spanked by a little kid and forced by her to wank off while she watches I hope that it never gets out.

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