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Fourteen year old Sharon was a loud mouth girl who caused trouble where ever she went, not many people liked her she was a loner with not many friends, Dawn who was in the same class as Sharon was at school was often bullied by Sharon and did her best to avoid the trouble making girl. Dawn was on her way home from school one afternoon and walking past the house where Sharon lived when Sharon who was suspended from school came out of her garden on her bike as she did she put her foot in Dawn’s back and shoved her hard yelling get out the way bitch as she did then rode off laughing as she did. Dawn was sent flying by the kick and ended falling flat on her front, Sharon’s dad Tom had seen the whole thing from his lounge window and rushed out of the house and helped Dawn up and took her into his house so she could recover, as Sharon’s dad made Dawn a cup of tea Dawn saw birthday cards on the side and realised that it was Sharon’s dad’s fourty nineth birthday and wished him a happy birthday, As Tom sat on the sofa beside Dawn he put his hand on Dawn’s knee saying thank you and giving her knee a light rub as he did, when Dawn asked him what he got for his birthday Tom said ” not what I wanted then when Dawn asked him what he wanted Tom ran his hand under Dawn’s skirt saying ” you ” as he did, Dawn laughed thinking that Tom was joking but when he pushed his hand inside her skirt and then pulled her panties down Dawn said but you old enough to be my dad, Tom pushed Dawn’s skirt up looked at her smooth love tube said that looks very inviting then bent his head forward and started to lick Dawn’s love tube, Dawn sat in stunned silence as Tom licked her love tube and when Tom pushed his tongue inside Dawn let out a quiet grown when Tom pulled her panties right off her Dawn lifted her feet, Dawn then felt Tom’s hands go underneath her and start to rub her bum as he carried on licking her love tube and pushing his tongue inside, Dawn was now feeling very aroused and did not resist as Tom unclipped her skirt and pulled it free from her body the continued to use his tongue on her very moist love tube, Tom gently pulled Dawn off the sofa onto the floor then continued to lick her love tube as he did he managed to undo the buttons on Dawn’s blouse pulling it open when he had it open, he then reached behind Dawn’s back and unclipped Dawn’s bra then pulled it free from her body, Dawn was now breathing very heavy, Tom looked up at Dawn’s firm boobs noticing her very erect nipples which he started to gently squeeze, Dawn was now groaning in pleasure, she felt Tom stop squeezing her nipples and looked up at him and saw him undoing his trousers, Dawn watched as Tom’s seven inch erection sprung into view, when Tom pushed Dawn’s legs apart she did not resist and soon felt Tom’s dick slide into her tight moist virgin love tube and let out a deep moan as she did, Tom started to gently push his dick in and out of Dawn’s love tube hearing her groan as he did, Dawn was soon groaning in pleasure as Tom pushed his dick deep into her love tube then after a few minutes Dawn let out a deep groan as she climaxed, Tom continued to thrust in and out of Dawn’s love tube hearing her groan as he did then after another five minutes Tom felt Dawn climax a second time and not long after he squirted his cum over her body before lying down on the floor beside her, after ten minutes Tom watched as Dawn dressed and left, Dawn walked down the road thinking ” I have been fucked by a man old enough to be my dad it was good I wonder who else has a birthday coming up.

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