After 20 Days with Raani

Early next morning, Raani woke me up and closed the door she pulled my shorts and removed it, I lay naked in front of her ” कर गया मन? ” She slapped my thigh ” कोई मन नहीं हो रहा, पूनम ने ये तेल बन के दिया है, अब से रोज़ मालिश हुआ करेगी ” . She took oil and applied it to my penis and gently massaged my limp cock ” इससे इतना काम लेते हो तो ख्याल भी रखना चाइये ” . About 10 minutes of jelquing and stretching, my cock started tingling ” रानी इससे होगा क्या? ” , She started massaging my balls ” जड़ी बूटी का तेल है, बता रही थी और मजबूत हो जाएगा ” , it felt good and my cock started to raise, and she choked it ” खड़ा मत करो, ” soon it was fully hard in her hands, She totally ignored it ” बीस दिन तक कुछ नहीं and kept massaging me gently for another 10 minutes as she finished ” आज के लिये इतना काफी है ” I sat up ” और तुमने ये जो खड़ा कर दिया है? ” . She threw a towel over it ” जाओ ठंडा पानी डाल लो और दौड़ पे जाओ ” . I dragged myself out of bed.

She did it diligently. Over the days I could control my erection while her Jelqued me, my balls felt fuller and bigger, and my cock felt stronger.

Last Saturday she came and woke me up and lowered my shorts. She lightly ran her fingers on my cock and gently stroked me ” बहुत दिन हो गए ना? ” And applied oil to my shaft. I sat up ” सही में अब रुका नहीं जा रहा ” . She kept jelquing ” हमसे भी नहीं रुका जा रहा ” . Her words made my cock twitch as it started to harden in her hands ” हमसे मतलब? ” She looked at me ” मतलब हम तीनों! हमारी भी ज़रूरतें है ” . Suddenly there was sex on my mind ” चलो कुछ नहीं करेंगे, बस कपडे तो उतार दो ” . She made a ring grip around my base and squeezed ” फिर तो तुम बिलकुल नहीं रुकने वाले ” , I let it be and controlled my erection and enjoyed rest of the massage, before leaving she kissed the my mushroom ” बहादुर को कहीं भेज दो ” .

Later During the Day. I went to the city on my way I picked a big pack of condoms and 4 blue pills just for the fun of it, I returned by 2. 00 P. M. It was highly overcast, I went to the office and it struck me ” बहादुर एक काम करो गांव चले जाओ और पहली जो काम करती थी उन्हें सोमवार से आने को बोल दो ” . His eyes lit up ” साहब अभी चला जाता हूँ ” . Me ( Acting ) ठीक है वैसे भी कोई काम है नहीं यहाँ, रात से पहल या जाना ” , my plan worked and he broke the Ice ” अब आपसे क्या छुपना, बबिता से मिले हुए बहुत दिन हो गए है, कल शाम तक आ जाऊं? ” I let him go ” चलो ठीक है, पर ध्यान से ” . After a while returned ” साहब थोड़े पैसे दे दो एडवांस ” . I gave him a 1000 rupees and he didn’t waste any more time.

I went to the barn, Raani was helping Kajal move the straw bales in ” कल तक के लिये गया ” . Raani glanced at me and smiled ” ये बताने आए हो यहाँ? ” I went and hugged her from behind and kissed her sweaty neck ” भूख लग रही है, थोड़ा दूध पिला दो! ” She resisted ” छोड़ो क्या करते हो! ” I groped her big tits ” क्या हो गया फिर, वो भी आ जाए ” . Kajal teased her ” अरे दीदी इतना प्यार से बोल रहे है तो पिला दो ना ” . Raani replied promptly ” तो तू पिला दे, कोई आ जाएगा तब पता चलेगा ” . Kajal laughed out ” अरे दीदी, बहुत बार किया है हमने यहाँ और वैसे भी आपसे मांग रहे है ये! ” . I kissed her again ” सही कह रही है वो, कोई नहीं आएगा और वो भी इस बारिश में ” . She thought for a moment ” वापिस चलते है, मौसम भी बढ़िया है, नहा धो के, छत पे चलेंगे! ” We agreed and headed back I gave her three pills ” तीनों ऊपर आने से आधा घंटे पहले खा लेना ” . I gathered all my stuff and went to the terrace, the weather was splendid all green around and the forest line looked really sexy, the sky was highly overcast indicating rain. To my surprise everything was set, the mattress, towels all in place, I placed my stuff on the table, soon Raani joined me and put her arms around me and reached to kiss me ” आओ मुझे को प्यार करो! ” I bent and our lips met and we devoured each other for a while, I pulled her nighty up and supporting her butt picked her up and she immediately wrapped her legs around me, we kissed like crazy, I took her to the mattress and lay her down and hurriedly took off my T-shirt and pounced on her, I pinned her arms above her head and furiously kissed her, we kissed till we were breathless, I sat on top of her ” आंटी आज रोकना मत ” . She clawed my chest ” अह्ह्ह साहिल ” , in a frenzy I tore off her nighty underneath she only wore a light blue panty, I groped her big breasts ” ओह्ह रानी तेरे ये मुम्मे ” , I gently bit her nipples, and she gasped loudly ” ओह्ह साहिल हहह ” . I started kissing her body in a frenzy and she shivered with arousal, I went down and kissed her pubis there was a big wet spot around her vagina, I buried my face in her hair and smelled her pussy ” आंटी आज तुम्हारे सारे कपडे फटेंगे! ” I tore her panty slowly and smelled it, she lay looking at me ” क्या अच्छा लगता है ऐसा करने में? ” I took off my shorts and spread her legs and kissed her pussy ” तुम्हारी खुशबू मुझे अच्छी लगती है ” , I teased her protruding pussy lips and spread them, her clit was swollen and sprang out the blue pill was working, I teased it with my tongue, she moaned loudly ” हऐ साहिल ससस, तुम ऐसे बहुत अच्छा करते हो हहह ” , I licked her slit and poked my tongue into her wet love hole, she moaned and groaned for the next couple of minutes as I pleasured her in ways I could think of, she was fully aroused, I stood up and she saw my cock trying to break free, she sat up and lowered my underwear and held it ” आंटी को चूसना है! ” , She stroked it bringing out a bead of precum ” आज तुम्हारा पहले जैसा लग रहा है ” , she looked at me and seductively licked the precum, I shivered as her lips engulfed my cock head ” आंटी आज तुम कुछ कर के मानोगी अह्ह्ह हहह ” . After some time, she made me lay and blew me for a while, I gasped and moaned with pleasure, and she came and lay beside me ” साहिल चोदो मुझे ” . I spread her legs and touched her aroused pussy ” आंटी तुम्हारी चूत फूल गई है ” . She held my cock and moved it between her slit ” जल्दी डालो अन्दर हहह, चोदो मुझे ” , she adjusted my fat head on her wet love hole and I entered her with a grunt, and I could feel my cock head spreading her pussy wall, she clawed my back ” अह्ह्ह ममम माँ ” her pussy was throbbing, I kissed her lips and worked her pussy, it felt different and I liked the way she squirmed under me absorbing my strokes soon I was fucking her hard as we neared orgasm she was gasping and moaning and all hell broke loose as we both climaxed together, I could feel thick cum going through me into her, we lay panting until our spasms stopped, she kissed me ” साहिल ऐसा लगा जैसे पहली बार किया है, वाकई में तुम्हारा और मजबूत हो गया है ” . There was a wet spot where she lay ” आंटी आज तुम्हारी भी टाइट टाइट लग रही है, और गरम भी ” … We lay and talked for a while about this experience…

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